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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

What cleaning supplies does your current cleaning crew utilize? Is it dollar brand items from the corner store? Do you see your cleaning crew bringing in their own cleaning products?

Unfortunately, a combination of these two situations is all too often common in the cleaning industry! What a shame, too because there are some really effective cleaning products available to commercial cleaning companies. And cleaning crews don’t stick around too long when their company doesn’t provide proper tools to get the job done. This leads to high turn over in your facility and inconsistent results at best.

At BLUECOOPER Janitorial, we provide our cleaning crews with a fantastic set-up, then regularly replenish it. We have a set list of preferred equipment and chemicals for our cleaning supplies, but also value our crews’ input. They are the ones in your facility night after night dealing with those hard water spots on your bathroom faucets and grease on the kitchen counters, so if/when they have a suggestion for cleaning products, we don’t just brush that off! Rather, we show them that their opinion matters and provide them with their requested cleaning supplies! We understand and appreciate that the job at hand isn’t an easy one. We want to provide our cleaning crew anything we can to make thrilling the client as doable as possible!

We also consider our clients when selecting cleaning tools for each facility. In our professional opinion (and science’s) real clean doesn’t have a scent. So a lot of our cleaning supplies are not heavily scented. That being said, it’s not uncommon for a client to request heavily scented cleaning products, too! Alternatively, if someone in your office is sensitive or allergic to any of our cleaning supplies, we note that and do not bring that back to your facility!

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Company, Commercial Cleaning, New Braunfels

New Braunfels Cleaning Company

I really like the sound of that: New Braunfels Cleaning Company. Maybe that’s the exact phrase you searched that brought you to us. Full Disclosure, we started out in San Antonio and recently moved our offices to New Braunfels—ready to bring our small town feel customer service to, well, a small town. Or at least that’s the feel out here, right? So, yeah: New Braunfels Cleaning Company – we are just that. We are also a San Antonio Cleaning Company, and San Marcos, Bulverde, Boerne, Gonzales, Kenedy, Pleasanton and Schertz cleaning company… but whose counting? We’ve been in business 10 years this June (okay, I am counting, that’s who!) and for some reason we’re all over the nearby map, but don’t have a footprint in New Braunfels yet! Not that we leave footprints, they’re bad for the environment and we are a cleaning company for goodness sake! But we certainly want one to think of BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services when they hear New Braunfels Cleaning Company. If someone were to complain of the dust in the breakroom, I’d like to think someone else would chime in “I know a great New Braunfels Cleaning Company! BLUECOOPER!” If a skilled, reliable, customer-service oriented individual were thinking to themselves “I’d love a job with a reputable janitorial company!” I’d love if seconds later he recalled, “Oh, yeah! I’ve heard great things about BLUECOOPER, I’ll apply there!”

New Braunfels Cleaning Company

New Braunfels Cleaning Company

Clearly our goal is for New Braunfels Cleaning Company to become synonymous with BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services! Try us out—we aim to thrill and promise to be Not What You’re Used To!  BLUECOOPER Janitorial Service is proud to earn your business nightly as opposed to binding you to our service through contracts!  We believe you should be free to evaluate our service nightly with the ability to switch if you are consistently no satisfied.

Austin, Bulverde, Clean Office, New Braunfels, San Antonio, San Marcos, South Texas

Office Cleaning Near Me

“Office cleaning near me”

… you’ve probably searched this phrase before, perhaps even as often as once a year. Maybe your current cleaning crew isn’t dusting well; it’s possible they aren’t showing up on the days/times that were promised. I’d believe you if you said they weren’t sticking to the scope of work guaranteed to you in their initial proposal. Perhaps you searched for office cleaning near me because the company is always sending different people and you feel uneasy about how much you can trust them all in your building after-hours.

We feel your pain. That’s why BLUECOOPER Janitorial was started—because my husband had these same complaints with the cleaning companies that serviced the building he manages. It got my wheels turning all those years ago (we celebrate 10 years this JUNE!)… “what are the ‘office cleaning near me’ companies doing so wrong? And more importantly, how hard can it be to do it right?!” Turns out, it is hard… but not impossible. And I was up for the challenge! I wanted to pop up when one searched “office cleaning near me” and actually be a good solution for their facility!

Unfortunately for my husband, I won’t service his facility for conflict of interest reasons, so “office cleaning near me” still pops up regularly on his recent history; fortunately for you, if you found BLUECOOPER you won’t need to search “office cleaning near me” again. Did we mention we don’t hold you to a contract? Because wouldn’t you rather have a cleaning company that feels they need to earn your business daily, rather than one that gets complacent because they know they’ve got you bound for a year? We know we would… that’s why no contracts is exactly what you’ll get with BLUECOOPER… and just one of the many reasons we’re Not What You’re Used To! It’s a promise we make… and keep. So search for “great Italian food near me” or “best masseuse near me” and stop, for the love of overworked mops everywhere, searching for “office cleaning near me.” You found us. BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services. Oh, and for the record—“office cleaning near me” may be what you searched to find us, but we service more than San Antonio, which is just where we’re based. “Office cleaning near me’ is just a search engine thing…. We’ll come to you even if we aren’t that near.

Office Cleaning Near Me

Office cleaning near me

Office cleaning near me

Bluecooper Janitorial Service, Careers, Cleaning Careers, Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Antonio, San Antonio Janitorial Services, San Marcos, South Texas

San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company

San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company

What makes San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company?  Here what we think makes BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services the best in San Antoni0:

  • No Contracts!  We earn your business not bind you to it.
  • No independent contractors – all W2 employees – we are committed to your security and that starts with our commitment to our team!
  • We are not a franchise – enough said!
  • Locally Woman owned
  • Bonded and Insured
  • OSHA Certified Management
  • Founded in 2007 and we have grown every year through referrals
  • Do not start at minimum wage – the local janitorial business preys on low income workers and pay minimum wage – this leads to high turnover, high security threats for your facility – constant flow of new people with your building keys and alarm codes.  This is why they contract your business!  So you can’t ditch them when things consistently go wrong–and they will!  This is a tough job with little reward and fair pay is the beginning to solid staff.  Beyond that we train and promote form withing, host full family company parties to celebrate accomplishments.  We are Not What You Are Used Too and certainly not what janitors Are Used Too!  We are proud to provide a solid team for our customers and a solid career for our staff!

Thanks for supporting BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services!  Happy New Year….to a great 2017 together!



San Antonio's Best Cleaning Company

San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company

Air Filter Service, Air Quality San Antonio, Bluecooper Janitorial Service, San Antonio

Air Disenfectant

Air Disenfectant

It wasn’t too long ago that I was at a store for a cleaning product a client specifically requests, when I overheard an elderly man asking a store associate there for Lysol, but “not the type that disinfects surfaces like countertops, the kind that disinfects the air”. My ears perked up both because I’m in the business of office cleaning so anything from dust to trash liner density piques my interest, but also because I wanted to help—the associates at this particular store aren’t always the most helpful and I tend to know my way around the cleaning aisle. But… Lysol that “disinfects the air”… I was sure he meant air freshener, Lysol brand. I showed him the way and he refused, “no, no, it is a spray but when you spray it in the air, it kills the germs.” I thought to myself “this poor guy is confused” and simultaneously “I’m sure my office cleaning clients would love it if I could provide that service!”

Then, about a week ago, another office cleaning client of mine requested just that – something that would rid the environment near her cubicle of the airborne illness her co-worker had come down with. She said she had heard that Lysol had a product that claimed to do so. So naturally, I headed to the library to find the “A” encyclopedia for airborne illnesses… just kidding, I picked up my Android and said “Ok Google… Does Lysol carry something that cleans the air?” Shereenuf (that’s how my son spells it in stories he writes at school) there is Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray. While the name suggests it kills bacteria in the air and their odors, most consumer reviews just tout the latter. We operate a pretty sophisticated office cleaning business, but I don’t yet have a contraption to test air. I do, however, personally believe in the power of essential oils to clean the air you breathe! If you want BLUECOOPER to use Lysol Neutra Air, then that is what you’ll get, and hey—maybe it’s a miracle product, but in line with our “Not What You’re Used To” motto, I’m going to bring the best, not the most expensive, option to the table for you. In the case of “cleaning the air” I personally believe diffusing some simple, all-natural essential oils is all the bacteria defense you need! Not to mention, diffusers comes in such a variety these days and are very cubicle-décor-friendly!  Office cleaning is my thing. Up-charging clients to spray the air with a heavy synthetic scent and claim we’ve gone so far as to disinfect their air, not so much our thing here at BLUECOOPER.

Bluecooper Janitorial Service, Bulverde, Locations, New Braunfels, San Antonio, San Antonio Janitorial Services, San Marcos, South Texas

Taking new customers!

Taking new customers!

Starting in 2007 by our founder Tristin Burell, we have always been committed to giving the best service to our customers.  That is why we have often turned away janitorial business and new commercial cleaning accounts to make sure we first we delivering to our current customer list.  We are proud to have zero lost business in 2016 and we have not lost an employee in 2016 as well!  Our system works!

Steady and measured growth to make sure we do not drowned in our own success.

Janitorial Services in San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos and Austin.

We have recently promoted from within and have added to our management team and our ready for new accounts.  Call us anytime for a free estimate 210-326-8715.  We look forward to adding your facility to our janitorial service in 2017!

Careers San Antonio Janitorial Careers

Careers San Antonio Janitorial Careers

Clean Office

Jingle Bells, Food Trash Smells

It’s that time of year—every day the break room counter gets more crowded with cookies and pies and candy cane wrappers are found strewn around the office. It’s a joyous season of thanksgiving, celebration and… well, trash. Lots of it. From luncheons to leftovers, pecan pie to plastic poinsettia pots, every facility across the nation is seeing an increase in waist size and waste size.

We hope if you’re reading this, it’s because a) because you are already a BLUECOOPER client and such a fan, you just stopped by to read our blog J or b) you are shopping around because you aren’t happy with your current service (most people decide to make a change at the start of a new year) and you’re considering BLUECOOPER (thank you!).

Either way, we wanted to provide you with a few professional tips to prepare for the flood of trash that is inevitable if you have more than 10 employees.

First, if you provide your own trash can liners, make sure you are purchasing the right size for the bins around the office, and thickness for the load. All-paper trash requires a different “mil” than trash that will have pointy and/or hard items tossed inside. And breakroom trash cans always require the best quality, as nothing is worse than 2 day old pumpkin pie squirting out the bottom and leaking onto the carpet! Next, if you know you’re going to have a catered event during the day, you should reach out to your cleaning company and let them know—if they’re like us, they’ll either provide extra hours to the crew or possibly even send an extra hand. The extra hours are always appreciated by staff this time of year, and we believe that that just because your office is in the holiday spirit, doesn’t mean your cleaning should slack. On the same note, if you are having an after-hours event or late afternoon staff party and know people will linger in the office later than usual, alert your cleaning company of this, as well. It does no good to come start a normal clean at 5pm (and trash is usually dealt with first on a cleaning shift) if trash cans are still getting tossed into at 8pm. Letting your crew know about that late office crowd ensures they arrive later and can actually make a dent in the job at hand!

Another good idea this time of year is to rally up some volunteers around the office to help with recycling. Cheaper than paying for separate office recycling service is simply having a handful of people that volunteer to take the recycle bin home once a week and simply toss out with their own residential recycling. Doing this will not only lighten your trash load (and make it safer without the presence of glass), it will definitely get you on Santa’s nice list!

Help us help you—trash is always a big concern this time of year, and it should be… nothing is worse than a break room that should smell of cinnamon and sprinkles instead reeking of day-old casserole and rotten deviled eggs!

Unless you have a Grinch in the office that actually eats from the trash, help your BLUECOOPER elves get the job done right by alerting them, when possible, of high volume trash days… and everyone will be singing carols as they work!

Clean Office

We do it 5+ times a week!

Effective March 1, 2015 BLUECOOPER no longer bids on facilities that request a once a week only visit… and we have good reason that has the client’s best interest in mind.We have high standards for the clean we accomplish while in your facility, and wish to maintain that cleanliness on a regular basis, rather than let it get away from us and play catch up just once every 7 days… doing so only leaves the client with an okay clean 1 day a week, and everyone involved with an “eh” feeling about the service. We truly strive to have our clients rave about our service, and that simply isn’t a practical goal when we can only access the facility once a week…

It’s not that we’re being choosy about which clients to service, but rather it’s because we really do want your facility to be a clean and healthy one all week long and have learned from experience that there just isn’t a building out there that can truly get away with only 1 clean a week…here’s why:

I can absolutely understand why, from the client’s perspective, they believe their facility only needs tidying up just once a week… especially if they are a small office, or don’t have many people working from the building and/or believe themselves to be very minimal in their requests and low-maintenance. But the truth is, one day a week is not enough time no matter how you dice it. Take trash—an absolute must in any cleaning visit. When we visit only once a week, nearly every single trash can in your facility will need dumping and often also require a new liner. Our 50 gallon Brute trash bin gets filled pretty quickly, and we must stop when it’s about ¾ full so the bag will pull out nicely and have room to be tied completely shut… every time it reaches this point, we must take the bag to the dumpster and return where we left off… repeating this process and replacing liners in all the little trash bins along the way in and of itself can take nearly an hour in a facility with 20 employees. Next let’s consider vacuuming, because when you visit a facility only once a week, you need to vacuum virtually every square inch of every office—which again, can take an hour. If you have more hard floor surfaces than carpet, this will be significantly longer. Restrooms and kitchen can easily take 45 minutes if done correctly and we haven’t even started dusting, which is our claim to fame, nor have we mentioned any conference rooms (degreasing finger prints, wiping down chair arms/legs/etc). So… what seems to the client like a quick “just pop in once a week and tidy up” is in reality more like 5-6 hours if done correctly and not rushed. I’m here to tell you that even the best of Cleaning Associates will not stick with it for the 5 to 6 hours a once a week clean needs and deserves, so they begin to cut cornersàthe client isn’t thrilledàit’s another week before we’re due backàit’s a vicious cycle that results in less than stellar results, high turn-over and unhappy clients… and that’s where I ge the “eh” feeling… I want my clients genuinely happy and I wish to set my Cleaning Associates up for success. So I’ve decided that at BLUECOOPER we will only clean those facilities that allow us the access to achieve the clean I want and you deserve!

So please, give us the ability to stay on top of the dust, instead of playing catch up; clean the toilets nightly rather than scrubbing at hard water spots; spot clean the microwave regularly rather than fighting a chili explosion once a month; keep the trash bins clean instead of pulling week old gum off the carpet near the bin it was meant to land in… you get the idea. I assure you, if you give your cleaning company, us or another, nightly access to your building, you’ll have a much cleaner and healthier facility, and a more consistent, long-term crew…it’s a win-win!

Clean Office

Got Dust?

It is common for a property manager to consider the surface cleanliness of their facility and request a regular janitorial cleaning service: vacuum, mop, dust, trash removal, restroom sanitation, etc. What is less common, but equally important to both your health and standard of real clean, is air filter maintenance.

If your facility has several staff members for the square footage, sees lots of foot traffic, is undergoing any type of remodel/construction, employs anyone that works out in the field or simply has lots of in and out use of the main entrance door, it is especially important that you make air filter maintenance as much of a priority as hiring someone to remove the trash nightly.

At BLUECOOPER Commercial Services, we offer regular air filter maintenance service, performed by a team trained in this service (not by a facility’s nightly cleaning crew) and clients are truly surprised to learn just how affordable this quarterly service is (some clients after learning of the benefits, request monthly change outs of their air filters). Air filter maintenance complements BLUECOOPER’s initial task in your building, to keep it clean on a nightly basis; to maintain the clean our teams accomplish, the air itself needs to be as clean and dust-free as possible. We don’t want to “sweep the dust under a rug”, we want to remove it: from the desktops, from the blinds, and from the air! If you stop and think about what dust is (a glorious combination of dead skin cells, pet hair, pollen, outdoor allergens, dirt, sand, and even lint from clothing and rugs), you’d want to do everything you could to get rid of as much of it as possible, too!

If you still aren’t convinced air filter maintenance is an important addition to regular cleaning, read below to find out just what a dirty air filter can do:

-A dirty air filter is the top reason for HVAC system failure

-A dirty air filter will lead to sooner than expected repairs or replacements of your heating and air conditioning systems and ducts

-A dirty air filter puts a strain on your air handler fan motor because the air flow is inconsistent

-A dirty air filter consumes more energy because it makes everything work harder to get clean air into your building

-A dirty air filter reduces air quality significantly by irritating allergies and asthma, leading to less productive staff members and a higher absence rate

-A dirty air filter increases both your bills and your carbon footprint

Bottom line: it is so easy to have your air filters switched out regularly (which with BLUECOOPER Commercial Services includes a detail cleaning of the register/vent, as well) and doing so has so many benefits, some of which are: noticeably cleaner air, healthier staff members, lower levels of dust on office surfaces, less maintenance costs, smaller carbon footprint, better running HVAC system!

We like to send clients a picture of their used and new air filters after each change out–it allows them to literally see for themselves how hard an air filter works to keep dust from the air they are breathing and it gives them peace of mind knowing they are surrounded by much cleaner air for a while!

Clean Office

NO Contracts with BLUECOOPER

No Contracts: We Want to Earn Client Business, Not Bind Them to It

Written by: Tristin Burell, founder and President of BLUECOOPER, LLC.

For the first few years we were in business, we had clients sign a contract… but only because it was what the client was used to doing, and because it seemed an appropriate last official step before we got the keys to their building to take over janitorial cleaning services. Did I ever have any intentions of binding anyone to the terms of the contract? Not at all. Did I ever have to even consider it? Very thankfully, no. That is because, fortunately, none of these “contracted” clients ever wanted out of their “contract” with BLUECOOPER.

After some time in the industry, and going on appointment after appointment with facility managers who wanted to switch from their current cleaning provider to BLUECOOPER but only “after we give our current cleaning crew their 30 days’ notice because we are under contract with them” I realized this:

The whole contract thing is so ridiculous that I will not have any part of it.

Let me set the scene: you are unhappy with your cleaning company—(I can almost guarantee for one or more of the following reasons):

  1. a) it seems they do not actually adhere to their promised dusting schedule
  2. b) they have grown super complacent and you have to regularly request things that should come naturally with a paid professional cleaning service
  3. c) you have constant turnover of cleaning crew members and therefore issues with consistency and even worse, security/theft/etc.
  4. d) it is impossible to get a hold of someone that gives a hoot and actually does something about your problem
  5. e) although you take the cleanliness of your working environment very seriously, you can’t believe the irony that your cleaning company seemingly does not and they treat you as if you are a dime a dozen (which by the way, means that is how they also treat their cleaning staff and why they don’t get great results from them).

So… which was it? Probably several, if not all of those… how do I know? It is actually an interesting story—invite me to your facility for a facility tour and I’ll tell you all about it (and why  I named the company BLUECOOPER… people are always curious about that… oh, and since I’m going to see the place anyway, I mine as well send you a free cleaning quote! 😉

Oh… back to the scene: so, you are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with your current cleaning crew and you are about to tell them that in thirty days they will no longer have your gig… do you think their service is going to improve? Do you think your valuables are safe with this crew who knows they will no longer be dealing with you in 30 days? Do you think it is fair to make you pay another month’s worth of service when you are telling them they have done so horrible they are being fired?

Would you EVER fire an employee of yours for terrible performance and then tell them they can remain in the office for 30 more days? Oh, I’m so sure their productivity would increase greatly and there is nooo way they would steal a stapler… or computer paper, or coffee, or tablets, etc. I think you get where I’m going with this. If the day ever comes when HEB tells me I have to sign a contract that I will only shop with them, I will quickly and gladly walk away from HEB with pretty woman style revenge (“big mistake. Big. Huge!”)

So to summarize, here is why BLUECOOPER does not make you sign a contract:

  1. I (founder and President, Tristin Burell) think they are absurd.
  2. I am too kind a person to ever insist someone continue to pay for my company’s services if they are that unhappy with the results.
  3. I find I get far better results from my staff by:
    1. Treating them kindly, rewarding them generously and being upfront from the day of their interview to every site inspection and employee review along the way that I expect great things from them, but assuring them (and delivering) so they will appreciate every day they work for me if they meet our standards…so they actually do meet our standards.
    2. And letting them know: they are not under contract with the facility they are assigned to—which means they will not get a 30 day notice of loss of hours/drastic decrease in pay—so, they must work every single shift to earn that company’s loyalty because our clients can drop us any day.
  4. And, lastly, I have seen amazing results with this and never lose a client! Our clients appreciate our stance on contracts and our employees appreciate the respect and rewards they receive (that are unfortunately so extremely rare in the cleaning industry) that they truly do work hard and stick with your facility for the long haul!

Is every day with BLUECOOPER paradise? Of course not— we can promise a more rigorous interview process than other companies, back ground checks, better training and uniformed, personable staff members and regular site inspections, and we do deliver on those promisesbut, do we have times when we find an assigned cleaning associate wasn’t the best fit for your facility’s needs/schedule or the standards of BLUECOOPER altogether? Sure… but far less often than others in our industry. There are times we need to make some staff changes to best meet your needs and reach our expectations for your facility (which are usually higher than your own expectations for your facility)… but we are confident you will immediately notice what we like to call “the BLUECOOPER difference” –from the staff we assign to your facility to how extremely easy it is to get ahold of myself, Tristin Burell or one of my service managers—via phone call direct to our cells, email or even text! And it is this difference, and the fact that you know you are not bound to any contract, that keeps us and our clients smiling year after year!

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