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San Antonio Cleaning Crew

San Antonio Cleaning Crew Do you have a San Antonio cleaning crew you are happy with? If not, we’d very much value the opportunity to become just that for you! We love the challenge that comes with learning the ins and outs of each facility and its needs and being rewarded your business. When we become your San Antonio cleaning crew, we aim to make you thrilled, not simply satisfied with us! Via intensive interviews, on-going training, monthly site inspections and a cleaning app that helps us track cleaners and progress, we stand alone in the San Antonio cleaning service

Don’t fall in love with your service – fall in love with your customer!

Don’t fall in love with your service – fall in love with your customer! We learned this truth when we started our cleaning service in San Antonio, TX and it is what defines our service!  Don’t fall in love with your service – fall in love with your customer! It is that simple! What does this mean for you and your facility, it means we are not what you are used to.  Our team is trained to be the solution to your facility’s appearance.  That is defined by you!  We do not have a system like our competitors that says “this

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San Antonio Cleaning Company

San Antonio Cleaning Company. We aren’t the only one. There are a lot of them…a lot, and we realize that and welcome the competition, as it keeps us on our toes! We may not be the only San Antonio Cleaning Company, but we are proud to say we’re very different from the rest. For starters, we care so much about our staff. It is not an easy, nor glamorous job working for a San Antonio cleaning company. In fact, it is some of the toughest work you can be in and takes a grit and determination that not everyone can

Janitorial Services San Antonio

Not What You’re Used To Cleaning Service

Not What You’re Used To. That’s our cleaning service slogan. And for good reason. When we first started out, we interviewed companies about their current cleaning service. We quickly discovered that what people were used to with cleaning service was so sub-par! It was no wonder nearly every facility out there is less than pleased with their cleaning service. So, in short, our business plan was to “do it different.” So when we started our slogan was “Doing it different. Doing it right.” Then we started picking up accounts. As I toured facilities with property managers complaining of how they

Big Promise. Big Delivery.

Big Promise. Big Delivery.

In our personal lives, I teach my kids to “under promise, over deliver” and give them examples of when I wish someone would have done that for us. For instance, tell me it will take a year to complete our home project, that way when it’s done in 11 months (vs the 8 months I was really hoping for), I’ll still be thrilled that you delivered faster than you promised. You over delivered. So, when I’m on facility tours pitching our services, I try to keep that in mind. But it’s hard. I know that our services sound too good

Janitorial Services San Antonio

Hear Me Out: Frequent Cleaning Service

Hear Me Out: Increase your Cleaning Service Part of what makes us different is that we actually consider what it will take to make our cleaning service clients more than just satisfied, but rather really thrilled they found our cleaning service, BLUECOOPER Janitorial! Sometimes that means suggesting something you may not want to hear—like your facility really needs to be cleaned more than just once per week. Reasoning for increased cleaning service: To meet your standards. Most facilities, especially those under 10,000 square feet, think they’re facility only needs cleaning service once a week. They think they aren’t that messy,

San Antonio Day Porter

San Antonio Day Porter to the Rescue

San Antonio Day Porter As BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services has grown over the years, we’ve put management systems in place, of course. However, some things simply need to remain in the owner’s control.  Tristin Burell makes every single initial facility visit herself. This is where she gets to meet the client and hear their current complaints. She tours their facility and gets to know their needs and wants firsthand. Because of this knowledge, she is well-equipped to assign staff to said building. She can also train staff to please that particular client, and more often than not, that includes utilizing a San

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies What cleaning supplies does your current cleaning crew utilize? Is it dollar brand items from the corner store? Do you see your cleaning crew bringing in their own cleaning products? Unfortunately, a combination of these two situations is all too often common in the cleaning industry! What a shame, too because there are some really effective cleaning products available to commercial cleaning companies. And cleaning crews don’t stick around too long when their company doesn’t provide proper tools to get the job done. This leads to high turn over in your facility and inconsistent results at best. At BLUECOOPER Janitorial,

New Braunfels Cleaning Company

I really like the sound of that: New Braunfels Cleaning Company. Maybe that’s the exact phrase you searched that brought you to us. Full Disclosure, we started out in San Antonio and recently moved our offices to New Braunfels—ready to bring our small town feel customer service to, well, a small town. Or at least that’s the feel out here, right? So, yeah: New Braunfels Cleaning Company – we are just that. We are also a San Antonio Cleaning Company, and San Marcos, Bulverde, Boerne, Gonzales, Kenedy, Pleasanton and Schertz cleaning company… but whose counting? We’ve been in business 10

Office Cleaning Near Me

“Office cleaning near me” … you’ve probably searched this phrase before, perhaps even as often as once a year. Maybe your current cleaning crew isn’t dusting well; it’s possible they aren’t showing up on the days/times that were promised. I’d believe you if you said they weren’t sticking to the scope of work guaranteed to you in their initial proposal. Perhaps you searched for office cleaning near me because the company is always sending different people and you feel uneasy about how much you can trust them all in your building after-hours. We feel your pain. That’s why BLUECOOPER Janitorial