San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company

San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company What makes San Antonio’s Best Cleaning Company?  Here what we think makes BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services the best in San Antoni0: No Contracts!  We earn your business not bind you to it. No independent contractors – all W2 employees – we are committed to your security and that starts with our commitment to our team! We are not a franchise – enough said! Locally Woman owned Bonded and Insured OSHA Certified Management Founded in 2007 and we have grown every year through referrals Do not start at minimum wage – the local janitorial business preys on

Air Disenfectant

Air Disenfectant It wasn’t too long ago that I was at a store for a cleaning product a client specifically requests, when I overheard an elderly man asking a store associate there for Lysol, but “not the type that disinfects surfaces like countertops, the kind that disinfects the air”. My ears perked up both because I’m in the business of office cleaning so anything from dust to trash liner density piques my interest, but also because I wanted to help—the associates at this particular store aren’t always the most helpful and I tend to know my way around the cleaning

Taking new customers!

Taking new customers! Starting in 2007 by our founder Tristin Burell, we have always been committed to giving the best service to our customers.  That is why we have often turned away janitorial business and new commercial cleaning accounts to make sure we first we delivering to our current customer list.  We are proud to have zero lost business in 2016 and we have not lost an employee in 2016 as well!  Our system works! Steady and measured growth to make sure we do not drowned in our own success. Janitorial Services in San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos and

Jingle Bells, Food Trash Smells

It’s that time of year—every day the break room counter gets more crowded with cookies and pies and candy cane wrappers are found strewn around the office. It’s a joyous season of thanksgiving, celebration and… well, trash. Lots of it. From luncheons to leftovers, pecan pie to plastic poinsettia pots, every facility across the nation is seeing an increase in waist size and waste size. We hope if you’re reading this, it’s because a) because you are already a BLUECOOPER client and such a fan, you just stopped by to read our blog J or b) you are shopping around

We do it 5+ times a week!

Effective March 1, 2015 BLUECOOPER no longer bids on facilities that request a once a week only visit… and we have good reason that has the client’s best interest in mind.We have high standards for the clean we accomplish while in your facility, and wish to maintain that cleanliness on a regular basis, rather than let it get away from us and play catch up just once every 7 days… doing so only leaves the client with an okay clean 1 day a week, and everyone involved with an “eh” feeling about the service. We truly strive to have our

Got Dust?

It is common for a property manager to consider the surface cleanliness of their facility and request a regular janitorial cleaning service: vacuum, mop, dust, trash removal, restroom sanitation, etc. What is less common, but equally important to both your health and standard of real clean, is air filter maintenance. If your facility has several staff members for the square footage, sees lots of foot traffic, is undergoing any type of remodel/construction, employs anyone that works out in the field or simply has lots of in and out use of the main entrance door, it is especially important that you make air filter

NO Contracts with BLUECOOPER

No Contracts: We Want to Earn Client Business, Not Bind Them to It Written by: Tristin Burell, founder and President of BLUECOOPER, LLC. For the first few years we were in business, we had clients sign a contract… but only because it was what the client was used to doing, and because it seemed an appropriate last official step before we got the keys to their building to take over janitorial cleaning services. Did I ever have any intentions of binding anyone to the terms of the contract? Not at all. Did I ever have to even consider it? Very

Shoo Flu, Don’t Bother Me!

We like to equip our cleaning crews with all the tools, equipment and cleaning product they need to get the job done right, and this time of year that means adding extra disinfecting wipes to every crew’s supply stash. We even leave additional bottles for the staff of the buildings we service to utilize during the day to really stay on top of germs and keep the flu from invading their office. The germs really are everywhere and it really is disgusting to think that your illness may be caused from your neighbor’s old sneeze…ick. Nowadays, kids are taught to