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Clean Office

What a Year (for a Janitorial Contractor!)

This year has been challenging for all of us, to say the least. We at BLUECOOPER have seen this year’s troubles from an interesting perspective, being in the janitorial contractor sector. All the chaos of the second quarter certainly kept us on our toes and we worked hours on end to have a proactive approach to the concerns of our clients and staff alike. It was a nerve-wracking time for those in janitorial contractor work. New (and unreliable) companies were popping up left and right to seize the supply and demand opportunity brought about by fear of germs and pathogens. Meanwhile, long-standing companies that provided janitorial contractor work were closing up shop because they couldn’t keep up with the new needs and CDC- requirements.

We at BLUECOOPER felt incredibly stressed and simultaneously blessed during this time! In early 2020, before Covid-19 was making any news here in the states, we had begun talking to an incredible group of business partners from Intuitive Services Group about joining the BLUECOOPER team. Amidst the serious task of keeping staff calm, trained in new procedures and well-stocked with gloves and disinfectant, we were in constant meetings to see if we all would, in fact, make a great team for those in need of a janitorial contractor. Keeping the clients’ and employees’ needs top of our priority list, the more we spoke, the more we realized we’d be a powerhouse for anyone seeking a janitorial contractor!

We joined forces on March 31st, 2020 and by doing so have been able to provide the absolute best of service to our clients ever since! Their expertise in pandemics and hospital-grade sanitation, combined with their years of customer service and human resource experience, has resulted in better systems, better staffing and better results for our clients, new and old!

Call us today or fill out an inquiry form to request a facility tour and receive a custom quote. Before the new year, you could be experiencing the BLUECOOPER difference!

Janitorial Services San Antonio
Clean Office

San Antonio Cleaning Crew

San Antonio Cleaning Crew

Do you have a San Antonio cleaning crew you are happy with? If not, we’d very much value the opportunity to become just that for you! We love the challenge that comes with learning the ins and outs of each facility and its needs and being rewarded your business. When we become your San Antonio cleaning crew, we aim to make you thrilled, not simply satisfied with us! Via intensive interviews, on-going training, monthly site inspections and a cleaning app that helps us track cleaners and progress, we stand alone in the San Antonio cleaning service industry! We have over 10 years in the business and give each new client the attention we gave our very first.

San Antonio Cleaning Crew

We’re able to tout an amazing cleaning crew for your facility because we provide a great working environment for our staff and they work hard to keep it! For example, our cleaning associates benefit from and appreciate the difference working for BLUECOOPER means to them. Better pay, consistent hours, and ideal locations set the stage for success on our team. We offer scholarships for those continuing their education and bonus opportunities  for all! Needless to say, each of our staff is happy to be a part of our San Antonio cleaning crew!

San Antonio Cleaning Crew

San Antonio Cleaning Crew


Clean Office

Don’t fall in love with your service – fall in love with your customer!

Don’t fall in love with your service – fall in love with your customer!

We learned this truth when we started our cleaning service in San Antonio, TX and it is what defines our service!  Don’t fall in love with your service – fall in love with your customer! It is that simple! What does this mean for you and your facility, it means we are not what you are used to.  Our team is trained to be the solution to your facility’s appearance.  That is defined by you!  We do not have a system like our competitors that says “this is how we do it” or “we only complete this scope of work.”  Our owner Tristin Burell still visits all buildings during the estimate process to ensure we listen to your needs and become the solution.

Janitorial Services San Antonio

Janitorial Services San Antonio

We want you to love your cleaning service because we are responsive and adaptive to your needs.  And we put our money where our mouth is!  No contracts!  Every janitorial franchise in your area will tie you to a 12 month service agreement because they do like flexibility.  We want you to have flexibility because it is facility – not ours!  We believe our effectiveness and our responsiveness will be your long awaited solution.  Contact Trisitin today for a free estimate –

Janitorial Services San Antonio
Clean Office

Not What You’re Used To Cleaning Service

Not What You’re Used To.

That’s our cleaning service slogan. And for good reason. When we first started out, we interviewed companies about their current cleaning service. We quickly discovered that what people were used to with cleaning service was so sub-par! It was no wonder nearly every facility out there is less than pleased with their cleaning service. So, in short, our business plan was to “do it different.” So when we started our slogan was “Doing it different. Doing it right.”

Then we started picking up accounts. As I toured facilities with property managers complaining of how they have to remind their cleaning service to dust blinds, or vacuum corners, I’d comment on how they shouldn’t have to do so. Their response? “Eh. I’m used to it.” Used to it? Used to having to remind someone to do the very job they are paid to do? Well, then, if that is the case, I want to be NOT what you’re used to. And a new slogan was born.

Same goes for you.

Our new slogan seemed fitting, as the more I learned about what people were used to, the more I wanted to be not that. Same went for my staff. During interviews, I’d ask them about their experience, and unfortunately, along came stories of poor pay, irregular hours, false promises. So, this is what hard working people in the cleaning service industry are used to? Then guess what? I want to be NOT what they’re used to, as well.


We just started in a new account on August 1st. It’s a large facility and 2 of the client’s staff work the after hours shift, so they observe my crew. Just yesterday, a week into our start, the manager sent me this email:

I want to share a conversation I had with one of our night employees.

He called me last night to tell me how professional your team is.  He said they are easy to talk to, care about their work and take pride in what they do.  This is something we are not used to.  I just wanted to share.

I was beaming, of course, upon receiving this. And guess what stood out to me? That second to last sentence. “This is something we are not used to.” Bam! Mission accomplished.

And as for the equally important goal of being not what my staff is used to (with previous cleaning service companies), I surprised them by dropping by the facility early and filling supply closet with blue balloons, a hand written thank you card for each of them and a $100 cash bonus to thank them for their incredibly hard work that earned them an unsolicited positive feedback from client!

Yesterday was an especially fun day for one of the crew members here, as he also received in the mail his birthday card with gift card from us at BLUECOOPER. He texted me: “balloons, a bonus AND a birthday card?! Your company is so different, and I’m so happy to be part of the BLUECOOPER family.” Different you say? Perfect…that’s exactly what we’re going for.

San Antonio Janitorial Service
Clean Office

Big Promise. Big Delivery.

In our personal lives, I teach my kids to “under promise, over deliver” and give them examples of when I wish someone would have done that for us. For instance, tell me it will take a year to complete our home project, that way when it’s done in 11 months (vs the 8 months I was really hoping for), I’ll still be thrilled that you delivered faster than you promised. You over delivered. So, when I’m on facility tours pitching our services, I try to keep that in mind. But it’s hard. I know that our services sound too good to be true, but that is only because you are used to being let down. So having your janitorial needs actually met? Can’t be. Right? Wrong.


I assure potential clients that we’ll be extremely easy to get a hold of should an issue arise. I’ll tell them that I typically get great response from my staff after constructive criticism. Usually, I explain how we train them to actually refer to the log book each shift and respond promptly and professionally. I tell them it’s not an upcharge to clean out the inside of the refrigerator, just ask and we’ll do it. I explain that we have very low turn-over and they’ll likely have the same staff for a very long time. Sometimes I bring up that we give bonuses for perfect attendance, mail gift cards for birthdays and throw at least one staff party a year.


I leave my appointments wondering if the client thinks I’m over promising. If they have it in their head that we’ll never deliver. However, that is exactly why our motto is what it is: Not What You’re Used To. I do know what our clients are used to in the janitorial industry. And I do promise to be not that. But guess what? We also actually deliver. And without a contract. Just because it’s the right thing to do. And also, it’s not that hard.

I have a sign in my office that reads: “If you work really hard and you’re nice to people, amazing things will happen.” I believe that. I believe that because it’s proven true in my own life and with BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services. We work really hard. We’re nice to our staff and our clients. As a result, we’re able to deliver on those big promises.

Janitorial Services San Antonio
Clean Office

Hear Me Out: Frequent Cleaning Service

Hear Me Out: Increase your Cleaning Service

Part of what makes us different is that we actually consider what it will take to make our cleaning service clients more than just satisfied, but rather really thrilled they found our cleaning service, BLUECOOPER Janitorial!

Sometimes that means suggesting something you may not want to hear—like your facility really needs to be cleaned more than just once per week.

Reasoning for increased cleaning service:

To meet your standards. Most facilities, especially those under 10,000 square feet, think they’re facility only needs cleaning service once a week. They think they aren’t that messy, it’s not that big, etc. However, it is always the once per week facilities that complain about things getting missed. It is important to understand that when we send an associate only once a week for cleaning service, he/she is often catching up rather than maintaining. A huge difference! You probably chose once per week for budgetary reasons, but then we as a company can’t afford to pay the person to be there for too long, so their once per week shift is a fairly short one. This means they are removing trash, sweeping and dusting a bit, if time allows. Not a thorough cleaning job, and certainly not a professional cleaning service.

To meet our standards. Most cleaning companies will do the bare minimum they can get away with to keep the client at bay. Our cleaning service is different—WE have expectations that we want met. Your office is a representation of BLUECOOPER. You may want corners cut to save on cost, but then I suggest you go with another cleaning service. We don’t mean to sound harsh, we simply don’t want the BLUECOOPER stamp on something that is only half-way done. A person’s hair is a reflection of their stylist, the state of your office is a reflection on us. I’m not there to defend “but they only give us access once per week!”

To keep our staff employed. I often visit facilities that think think they only need a once per week clean AND that it should be around $200/month. Sure. If you don’t want ANY detail, (forget vacuuming rugs, behind or under furniture, dusting picture frames, or cleaning out the inside of break room fridge) and you’re okay with constant turn-over (which = inconsistencies at best and security issues)—because to profit on a $200/month once a week only client, I’d have to pay minimum wage and offer a very short shift – a job no one wants. Then, because of the turn-over, I’m constantly posting ads, interviewing, hiring, retraining and dealing with complaints from the client… and all of a sudden your account is costing us $200/month. Not a good business move.


So, please keep this in mind when requesting cleaning service bids. EVERYONE is happier when a facility is cleaned at minimum 2x/week. We are able to get to the detail that we expect and that pleases you and your staff, and 2x/week makes a great part time job for someone going to college, paying off debt, saving for a big purchase, etc.

San Antonio Day Porter
Clean Office

San Antonio Day Porter to the Rescue

San Antonio Day Porter

As BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services has grown over the years, we’ve put management systems in place, of course. However, some things simply need to remain in the owner’s control.  Tristin Burell makes every single initial facility visit herself. This is where she gets to meet the client and hear their current complaints. She tours their facility and gets to know their needs and wants firsthand. Because of this knowledge, she is well-equipped to assign staff to said building. She can also train staff to please that particular client, and more often than not, that includes utilizing a San Antonio day porter.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that many a client would benefit from a San Antonio day porter. So many property managers and GMs are used to hiring after-hour cleaning crews. What they don’t realize, is how much happier they’d be if they also incorporated a San Antonio day porter into their cleaning regimen. Especially in a larger facility, or one with lots of foot traffic, a San Antonio day porter can be an incredible blessing. High morale is more important than ever in the workplace, and keeping restrooms stocked, kitchens cleaned and trash bins empty go a long way with your stressed employee base!

A San Antonio day porter can lighten the work load required of the night crew, so there is some savings to be had, as well! A night crew is almost always essential. Mopping, for instance, is never safe to do during working hours. Also, dusting while your staff is sitting at their desks can be extremely unpleasant. So, yes, a night crew is a must. But add a San Antonio day porter to the mix and your staff AND your night crew will be much happier! Happy crew—happy you!

Clean Office

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

What cleaning supplies does your current cleaning crew utilize? Is it dollar brand items from the corner store? Do you see your cleaning crew bringing in their own cleaning products?

Unfortunately, a combination of these two situations is all too often common in the cleaning industry! What a shame, too because there are some really effective cleaning products available to commercial cleaning companies. And cleaning crews don’t stick around too long when their company doesn’t provide proper tools to get the job done. This leads to high turn over in your facility and inconsistent results at best.

At BLUECOOPER Janitorial, we provide our cleaning crews with a fantastic set-up, then regularly replenish it. We have a set list of preferred equipment and chemicals for our cleaning supplies, but also value our crews’ input. They are the ones in your facility night after night dealing with those hard water spots on your bathroom faucets and grease on the kitchen counters, so if/when they have a suggestion for cleaning products, we don’t just brush that off! Rather, we show them that their opinion matters and provide them with their requested cleaning supplies! We understand and appreciate that the job at hand isn’t an easy one. We want to provide our cleaning crew anything we can to make thrilling the client as doable as possible!

We also consider our clients when selecting cleaning tools for each facility. In our professional opinion (and science’s) real clean doesn’t have a scent. So a lot of our cleaning supplies are not heavily scented. That being said, it’s not uncommon for a client to request heavily scented cleaning products, too! Alternatively, if someone in your office is sensitive or allergic to any of our cleaning supplies, we note that and do not bring that back to your facility!

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

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