Office Cleaning

At BLUECOOPER, we are familiar with the litany of complaints most facility managers have about their current or past office cleaning service companies!

We come to the table with proactive solutions to the following:

(any of them sound all too familiar?)

  • Our current office cleaning service: “doesn’t seem to dust on a regular schedule, if at all.”
  • Our current office cleaning service: “is constantly sending different  crew members, and at differing times! It is so inconsistent and not what we were promised.”
  • Our current office cleaning service: “has to be asked to do anything specific or at all above the scope of work we agreed to. Do I really need to ask them to vacuum up a pile of dead bugs in the corner?”
  • Our current janitorial service: “is so difficult to communicate with; when they do read our log book, their idea of a solution is not to our standards. We haven’t heard from anyone from management since signing their contract.”
  • Our current janitorial service: “offers such an insincere, memorized apology when we do get ahold of someone in charge and then their solution is simply to replace our crew with a new one. We always end up hitting the same roadblocks with each crew!”
  • Our current janitorial service: “has such high turn over. We start with a new cleaning crew every few months, it seems and it is very time consuming for us to get comfortable with a new crew and their ability to learn our preferences, etc.”

Why do we assert: Not What You’re Used To?

Because we know what you are used to and agree that it stinks! We want to be the answer to your office cleaning service needs. We will be your long term (by choice, not contract!) solution so you can stop having to write “get quotes from new office cleaning service” on your to-do list!

Office Cleaning, San Antonio

Office Cleaning, San Antonio