Our Principles

BLUECOOPER cleaning systems starts with our employees; we pour into them so they can pour themselves into your facility.  The principles of our process are founded on better pay, recognition, education, and growth.  Janitors are often looked down on, left with bathroom messes, and never spoken to…we are here to change that!  BLUECOOPER is not built to reap massive profits, we are built to help our team lead their families, grow, and be recognized for the unbelievably hard work.  We know this is how our customers will get their expectations exceeded!  It starts with this principle.

BLUECOOPER cleaning systems looks at our service from our customers point of view:

  • Why do cleaning services bind you to a contract?
  • Why do cleaning services charge you extra for carpet cleaning?
  • Why do they do the bare minimum?
  • Why do they say they can not dust desks?  Aren’t you a freaking cleaning service??
  • Why does my janitorial service have a new employee in my building every other day?
  • Why do they not respond to our complaints?

We hear this every day in the field and we our principles were designed from the beginning with these questions we often asked our selves in our office space.  BLUECOOPER Janitorial Service is Not What You Are Used To and we look for customers that want to provide work for a company that is leading the janitorial business to a better place.  It needs it!