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San Antonio Cleaning Company. We aren’t the only one. There are a lot of them…a lot, and we realize that and welcome the competition, as it keeps us on our toes! We may not be the only San Antonio Cleaning Company, but we are proud to say we’re very different from the rest. For starters, we care so much about our staff. It is not an easy, nor glamorous job working for a San Antonio cleaning company. In fact, it is some of the toughest work you can be in and takes a grit and determination that not everyone can muster.

The staff of our San Antonio cleaning company is made up mostly of moms and dads doing this as a second form of income to improve their situation and future opportunities for their children. I am always in awe when I learn more about their stories. Several of them, in addition to being integral parts of our San Antonio cleaning company, are also pursuing higher education. This inspired me to start a BLUECOOPER Scholarship fund to help those that are furthering their education to pay for books and classes, so their hard work can do even more for them. I recently gave any staff member of my San Antonio cleaning company that was also taking classes the opportunity to apply for this scholarship and was so happy last week to deliver the news to two winning recipients.

Jose Muniz is pursuing a degree that will help him secure a job as a computer support specialist. This is something he really enjoys and he manages his schedule with our San Antonio cleaning company so that he has time each day to complete his online courses.

Robert Casarez has been an amazing part of our San Antonio cleaning company for 4 years now. When he isn’t spending quality time with his three pre-teen children or caring for his mother, he is hard at work! He spends his early day with the SAISD school district in their child nutrition department and then heads straight to two facilities to keep them clean and safe for our client. Somehow, amongst all this he finds time to pursue a degree in logistics and business administration. We are so proud of Robert and so thankful he has the drive he does, as it is such an asset to our San Antonio cleaning company!

Congrats to both recipients!

San Antonio Cleaning Company

San Antonio Cleaning Company

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Founder and President Tristin Burell has lived in San Antonio all her life-- she graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word, and is VERY involved in every aspect of BLUECOOPER Janitorial Service! Based in San Antonio, but serving New Braunfels, Boerne, San Marcos, South Texas & more!