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Founder/President Tristin Burell will personally reach out to you to schedule a facility tour of your facility. She likes to see each commercial office cleaning account herself so she can visit with you about the commercial office cleaning needs of your specific facility and learn the preferences of you and your staff! Taking all the notes herself

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San Antonio Cleaning Company

San Antonio Cleaning Company. We aren’t the only one. There are a lot of them…a lot, and we realize that and welcome the competition, as it keeps us on our toes! We may not be the only San Antonio Cleaning Company, but we are proud to say we’re very different from the rest. For starters, we care so much about our staff. It is not an easy, nor glamorous job working for a San Antonio cleaning company. In fact, it is some of the toughest work you can be in and takes a grit and determination that not everyone can

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies What cleaning supplies does your current cleaning crew utilize? Is it dollar brand items from the corner store? Do you see your cleaning crew bringing in their own cleaning products? Unfortunately, a combination of these two situations is all too often common in the cleaning industry! What a shame, too because there are some really effective cleaning products available to commercial cleaning companies. And cleaning crews don’t stick around too long when their company doesn’t provide proper tools to get the job done. This leads to high turn over in your facility and inconsistent results at best. At BLUECOOPER Janitorial,

Facility Security

Facility Security Your facility security is only as secure as the vendors you allow onto property.  BLUECOOPER Janitorial Services works at the root of the problem in an industry plagued by petty theft.  We value are employee!  Sounds elementary but you would be surprised.  The largest janitorial companies in San Antonio start compensation at minimum

Cleaning Company Near Me

Cleaning Company Near Me Founder and owner Tristin Burell created BLUECOOPER Cleaning Company in 2007 after watching many business associates complain about their facility janitorial provider.  The goal was to build a locally owned, cleaning company near me, that focused on delivering great janitorial service and great janitorial careers for SA! Message from Tristin: We

Air Disenfectant

Air Disenfectant It wasn’t too long ago that I was at a store for a cleaning product a client specifically requests, when I overheard an elderly man asking a store associate there for Lysol, but “not the type that disinfects surfaces like countertops, the kind that disinfects the air”. My ears perked up both because I’m in the business of office cleaning so anything from dust to trash liner density piques my interest, but also because I wanted to help—the associates at this particular store aren’t always the most helpful and I tend to know my way around the cleaning