Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies What cleaning supplies does your current cleaning crew utilize? Is it dollar brand items from the corner store? Do you see your cleaning crew bringing in their own cleaning products? Unfortunately, a combination of these two situations is all too often common in the cleaning industry! What a shame, too because there are some really effective cleaning products available to commercial cleaning companies. And cleaning crews don’t stick around too long when their company doesn’t provide proper tools to get the job done. This leads to high turn over in your facility and inconsistent results at best. At BLUECOOPER Janitorial,

Janitorial Service Locations

Janitorial Service Locations Bluecooper was founded in San Antonio, but we have several other janitorial service locations! As word of the Bluecooper difference spread, so did our territory. Ask us what our janitorial service locations are and we’ll ask you “where are you located?!” If we are able to bring our “Not What You’re Used To” cleaning