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We do it 5+ times a week!

Effective March 1, 2015 BLUECOOPER no longer bids on facilities that request a once a week only visit… and we have good reason that has the client’s best interest in mind.We have high standards for the clean we accomplish while in your facility, and wish to maintain that cleanliness on a regular basis, rather than let it get away from us and play catch up just once every 7 days… doing so only leaves the client with an okay clean 1 day a week, and everyone involved with an “eh” feeling about the service. We truly strive to have our clients rave about our service, and that simply isn’t a practical goal when we can only access the facility once a week…

It’s not that we’re being choosy about which clients to service, but rather it’s because we really do want your facility to be a clean and healthy one all week long and have learned from experience that there just isn’t a building out there that can truly get away with only 1 clean a week…here’s why:

I can absolutely understand why, from the client’s perspective, they believe their facility only needs tidying up just once a week… especially if they are a small office, or don’t have many people working from the building and/or believe themselves to be very minimal in their requests and low-maintenance. But the truth is, one day a week is not enough time no matter how you dice it. Take trash—an absolute must in any cleaning visit. When we visit only once a week, nearly every single trash can in your facility will need dumping and often also require a new liner. Our 50 gallon Brute trash bin gets filled pretty quickly, and we must stop when it’s about ¾ full so the bag will pull out nicely and have room to be tied completely shut… every time it reaches this point, we must take the bag to the dumpster and return where we left off… repeating this process and replacing liners in all the little trash bins along the way in and of itself can take nearly an hour in a facility with 20 employees. Next let’s consider vacuuming, because when you visit a facility only once a week, you need to vacuum virtually every square inch of every office—which again, can take an hour. If you have more hard floor surfaces than carpet, this will be significantly longer. Restrooms and kitchen can easily take 45 minutes if done correctly and we haven’t even started dusting, which is our claim to fame, nor have we mentioned any conference rooms (degreasing finger prints, wiping down chair arms/legs/etc). So… what seems to the client like a quick “just pop in once a week and tidy up” is in reality more like 5-6 hours if done correctly and not rushed. I’m here to tell you that even the best of Cleaning Associates will not stick with it for the 5 to 6 hours a once a week clean needs and deserves, so they begin to cut cornersàthe client isn’t thrilledàit’s another week before we’re due backàit’s a vicious cycle that results in less than stellar results, high turn-over and unhappy clients… and that’s where I ge the “eh” feeling… I want my clients genuinely happy and I wish to set my Cleaning Associates up for success. So I’ve decided that at BLUECOOPER we will only clean those facilities that allow us the access to achieve the clean I want and you deserve!

So please, give us the ability to stay on top of the dust, instead of playing catch up; clean the toilets nightly rather than scrubbing at hard water spots; spot clean the microwave regularly rather than fighting a chili explosion once a month; keep the trash bins clean instead of pulling week old gum off the carpet near the bin it was meant to land in… you get the idea. I assure you, if you give your cleaning company, us or another, nightly access to your building, you’ll have a much cleaner and healthier facility, and a more consistent, long-term crew…it’s a win-win!


Founder and President Tristin Burell has lived in San Antonio all her life-- she graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word, and is VERY involved in every aspect of BLUECOOPER Janitorial Service! Based in San Antonio, but serving New Braunfels, Boerne, San Marcos, South Texas & more!

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